red state


If you haven’t read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle yet, you won’t know what I am talking about.  Or maybe you can guess?




50 pounds of tomatoes.  I actually spoke to the farmer on her cell phone as she was harvesting them yesterday morning.  Go ahead and laugh at me.  I am having fun.  That is, until it took twice as long to process them as I thought it would.  I am elbow-deep in tomatoes, my kids are neglected, I haven’t gone for a run and my laundry pile has grown, grown, grown.  16 jars of tomato sauce, 7 jars of salsa.  Worth it?  Ask me later.


One Response to “red state”

  1. 1 dandelionposy

    totally worth it!!!!
    Seriously, sometimes i just go down to the pantry and look at al lthe lovely jars all lined up on the shelves. Its my happy place.

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