habaneros and apple trees


After last week’s tomato efforts, I swore off canning for the rest of the fall.  That is, until I found a recipe for red pepper jelly in my files.   This find coincided perfectly with the Wednesday night Farmers Market beside AZ’s work.  He swung by for bell peppers and habaneros and we were thus committed.  Red pepper jelly is super easy.  AZ advised me to wear gloves whilst chopping the hot peppers.  I took this as a warning not to stick my peppery fingers into my eyes, so I opted to just be careful and not wear gloves.

Holy frig.  My hands buuuurnned all evening.  I tried aloe and lotion and icy water.  After a few hours of this, we decided to check the Internet for treatment options.  It turns out that habanero pepper burns are easily relieved by washing with milk.  Cool.


You would think that would be enough to stop the canning for real.  Except, I had forgotten about our local apple trees.  And the sun was shining!  This morning, the kids and I biked to our good apple tree spot under the Skytrain.  The pickings were slim – I think maybe due to a combination of the economy, the local-eating craze and me yapping to all of my friends about the excellent apple-picking spot.  Hmmm.  Nevertheless, we came home with a small bag of apples and dreams of applesauce.



The applesauce could very well be the end of our canning for the year.  Unless I cave and buy a load of concord grapes.  They are looking pretty yummy these days.


2 Responses to “habaneros and apple trees”

  1. 1 dandelionposy

    haha, I keep bringing out the canner again and again too! yesterday it was pear/rhubarb sauce with the last of the pears. I am still pondering the grapes…

  2. 2 Amy

    Oooooh. You know how I love my red pepper jelly! Sorry it had to be such a painful experience.

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