knitting update


I spent most of my week in Ontario knitting… during card games, at the jumping rocks, on the dock, during Happy Hour…   E’s sweater progressed quickly, but I found that when I got home, I was tired!  All of my relaxing time was spent trying to make perfect stitches!  Huh.  My head and shoulders needed a break.  So I took one.


I have managed to complete a few of rows this week, conscientiously relaxing my shoulders and thinking calm thoughts.  Trust me to turn knitting into a stress!  Good grief!

AZ bought me a present.  A basket made from willow branches, by a woman named Maike Polano of Godfrey, Ontario.  She sells her wares at a studio called “Radiance of the Ordinary“.  Radiance of the Ordinary is the most beautiful studio I have ever seen.  Picture an old church, painted silver, with garlic braids drying on a rack, wood piled neatly at the side and a gigantic garden in the back.  Inside, the studio smells of wood and has beautifully finished cabinets and racks.  Colourful brooms hang against the walls.  It is run by Raphael Kerem (carpenter and broom-maker) and Tanya Deacove (bookbinder).  Unfortunately, they have no website but, if you are ever in that neck of the woods (1 hour north of Kingston), be sure to pay a visit.


My very own knitting basket, shaped like an egg!


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  1. 1 Hubert

    And a waterfront cottage at nearby Wolfe lake!

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