older kids at the park


I have the kids I used to be scared of.  The ones who would play tag on the jungle gym around my precious toddler – like giant monsters, leaping over their feathery little heads.  I used to anxiously search the playground for their parents, silently begging them to stop the game before someone got hurt.


Now I have the rowdy ones.  All I see are their giant shoes, swinging off of the monkey bars.  They climb up the slide and scramble over top of wee 18 month-olds (waiting innocently at the top for a turn).  Park etiquette is now all about not hurting babies, rather than how to share your sand toys and not to get pummelled by the swing.

As you can see, today we dominated the baby swings.  Thankfully, no little ones were waiting for them.  Though, I am almost sure my lovelies would have shared.


Even my littlest baby isn’t such a baby anymore.  We are making progress on the two wheeler:



One Response to “older kids at the park”

  1. ;-D Your post made me laugh! Although I still consider my kidlets young. They are usually the wild things at the park.

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