crafting for good


I have been reading Knitting for Good, by Betsy Greer (see Craftivism).  It’s not so much about knitting as making stuff.  Making stuff together, alone, as therapy, as a way to connect with others, as a way to slow down and as a way to battle mass produced stuff.  With the move and all (hasn’t happen yet.  Friday.  I started packing way too early), I have lost my focus.  Maybe it’s the ridiculous amounts of driving I have been doing?  (commuting=life suckage)  So, last night, inspired by this book, I went on a rampage.  The ideas are flowing, the fabric is cut and the machine is once again dominating the living room.


My girlfriend asked if I wanted to participate in her church craft sale again this year.  I haven’t been able to give her an answer.  I do have some wares organized to sell, but I am not sure I am making what I really want to be making.  At some point, I will have to venture beyond hats and barrettes.  Maybe it’s time for another year of clothes-making? (putting it in writing is the first step!)

The best part about the craft sale is being with the other crafters.   And, this particular community does amazing things for one another.  I wouldn’t mind picking up some beautiful pottery as well.  Check out the clay necklace I bought last year:


Sorry for rambling today.  My overall point here is that crafting is good and sharing it with others is better.  I will keep you posted.


2 Responses to “crafting for good”

  1. lovely pic – nice to see your smiling face here for a change :)
    good good luck with the move – hope all goes smoothly…can’t wait to visit you in your new digs! xo e.

  2. 2 Mary

    Hey Megan,
    I love a good church craft sale… let me know the details.

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