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So I made a real Etsy sale!  Little Mae the Shirley doll was mailed to Rye, New York this morning.  It was very exciting!  So, of course I had to update my shop to catch the Christmas shoppers…. No more Shirley dolls for now… but lots of hats.  The cold weather is coming.  And I […]

E and I had a party at the library yesterday.  She came home with the Little House Cookbook and Lemony Snicket DVD.  I came home with this: Do you remember AZ’s Golf Shpants?  Look, real ones: And where can I wear this?  Is there time to make one before Christmas festivities start? And another thing […]

Giant boxes from Ikea (more on cabinets later): And from the recycling: Tape, scissors and cardboard.  I am not feeling ambitious enough for this at the moment, but my babies are… and I guess that’s the important thing.

making spaces


Little by little, we claim corners of our new home.  Though we really have to save our pennies for the basement reno, I couldn’t resist the temptations at IKEA yesterday.  This lampshade looks like the woods outside our house.  Nerdy, perhaps, but I love it: My dad made this lamp for me when I was […]

Quick update!  We got hit with the flu.  I am pretty sure it was THE flu, though we weren’t offically tested.  The day after returning from Yellowknife was spent in a feverish haze.  I think I passed out (I woke up on the bedroom floor after a treacherous trip to the bathroom)…. It was ugly […]

Our old house was a well-oiled machine.  We had built-in cabinets, a simple layout and a place for everything.  The silly thing is that I keep forgetting it took us nine years to get to that point.  It takes a while to build infrastructure and settle into a place. We are still in boxes.  Big […]

the Flame


I went to Yellowknife (in the Northwest Territories!)… to watch my sister carry the Olympic Torch.  She doesn’t live there, but won a Coca Cola torchbearer lottery.  Until now, I haven’t gotten caught up in the 2010 Olympics one way or the other.  I am excited to have a new Skytrain line and some fancy […]