the Flame


I went to Yellowknife (in the Northwest Territories!)… to watch my sister carry the Olympic Torch.  She doesn’t live there, but won a Coca Cola torchbearer lottery.  Until now, I haven’t gotten caught up in the 2010 Olympics one way or the other.  I am excited to have a new Skytrain line and some fancy new ice rinks, but I am not looking forward to the traffic or the chaos, especially when I haven’t been able to score some tickets (1. they are expensive  2. I was not successful in the ticket lottery).   Bah Humbug!


I have to say that the Olympic Flame brought tears to my eyes.   Yes, the Olympics are expensive, intrusive and corporate….  but do you remember how they used to feel as a kid?   I remember watching the Olympics in awe.  I knew many of the athlete’s names and would practice my rhythmic gymnastics routines for hours on end.  I loved watching the procession of athletes and flags during the Opening Ceremonies, marveling at the size of the Kenyan team versus the size of the American Team and voting for my favourite uniforms.  I loved the athlete bios (called something like “Minute Maid Minutes” or “Nestle Nanoseconds” or something like that), with video clips of them training in their hometowns.  I am sure me and my sisters crafted a podium somewhere in the house.  I know there were some paper medals!

Kids are dreaming, athletes are training hard and people are getting together to share food and ideas.  That stuff is pretty cool.

And I got to see Great Slave Lake:


And buy some caribou antler buttons for E’s sweater!


It is a wee bit small (ack!!!!), but she likes it and… it’s blue, so W will wear it.  Right??


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  1. 1 Mom

    Well written Meg! I get your point and like your descriptions.

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