like a giant art project…


Our old house was a well-oiled machine.  We had built-in cabinets, a simple layout and a place for everything.  The silly thing is that I keep forgetting it took us nine years to get to that point.  It takes a while to build infrastructure and settle into a place.


We are still in boxes.  Big time.  I refuse to unpack the little bits and pieces until the infrastructure is built.  Thankfully, we have a wee budget for a cabinet or two.  That, and we are planning to finish an unfinished basement.   The girls will get their own rooms and we will all get a second bathroom.  It is all so exciting!  I just have to be patient.  In the meantime,  I have unpacked my sewing machine.  It sits in the middle of the living room, ready for a project or two.


Did I mention that our new house is brown?  Very brown.  There is grass wallpaper on most of the walls.  I do like it.  Except I don’t like it on every wall.  I have been steaming some of it off.  And guess what?  It’s brown underneath.  Wood paneling.  In beautiful condition!  So, do I wallpaper this?  Or paint over it? (ie. change it forEVER).  My girlfriend made the best comment of all.  She said that the house is “like a giant art project”.   I suppose it is.  And I should look at it that way.

Taking deep breaths, heating up the steamer and pouring over decor magazines….  design ideas most welcome.


2 Responses to “like a giant art project…”

  1. It looks great! If you don’t want to commit to painting the paneling, you could always put new wallpaper over top…

  2. fun! can’t wait to see it for ourselves! xo

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