beautiful yarn and that nasty flu


Quick update!  We got hit with the flu.  I am pretty sure it was THE flu, though we weren’t offically tested.  The day after returning from Yellowknife was spent in a feverish haze.  I think I passed out (I woke up on the bedroom floor after a treacherous trip to the bathroom)…. It was ugly – and pretty much knocked me out for a good week and a half.  Nobody else got it.  Well, W and S might have had it, if coughing and vomiting without a fever counts.  Not sure.  Regardless, I am keeping my fingers crossed that we stay in the clear until my lovelies can be immunized.

So… my creative efforts have been limited.  I did manage to start a toque for AZ.  We picked up this yarn at the Whistler Farmer’s Market over the summer.  I love it.  Impulse of Delight yarns are inspired by the Whistler landscape.  AZ chose “Emerald Forest”.   Appropriate, because we used to ride our bikes in Whistler’s Emerald Forest trails before our babies were born (you know, when we could spend 4 hours riding our bikes together and not worry about impaling ourselves on branches and falling off of wee cliffs – and follow it all up with beer and nachos at the pub.  Ahhh… one day… we’ll get back there).  I want to pick up some Blackberry next.


One Response to “beautiful yarn and that nasty flu”

  1. we’ve all had it too – ugh…glad you’re on the mend! xo

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