making spaces


Little by little, we claim corners of our new home.  Though we really have to save our pennies for the basement reno, I couldn’t resist the temptations at IKEA yesterday.  This lampshade looks like the woods outside our house.  Nerdy, perhaps, but I love it:

My dad made this lamp for me when I was little.  The lampshade is new…. as are the candles…

and maybe we didn’t need the throw pillow quite yet, but it is pretty.  Yes?

Just forget that I should have sewed it – out of recycled pants or some such thing. W and I had a party:  ballroom, meatballs and fries, chocolate milk and shopping.  Neither local, nor sustainable.  I am hiding my car keys.


6 Responses to “making spaces”

  1. ballroom?!! are you crazy?!
    kidding. mine were in the one on Granville Island the other day. They’re still breathing.

  2. 2 Amy

    It eases my guilt (just a little bit) to know that not everything in your house is made from re-purposed curtains and dish towels. And your Ikea purchases make for beautiful spaces.

  3. sounds like a fun date with your boy – and looks great too!
    i’m glad there’s 9 hours between us and ikea. dangerous.

  4. 4 Mary

    Chocolate milk AND Ikea meatballs…. I wannabe W.

  5. Focus Megan…. Stay on target… Click the link.

  6. 6 Maegen

    Wow! your place looks lovely!
    (and a little IKEA never killed anyone, has it?)_

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