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Anita Lobel


The Seamstress of Salzburg is a beautifully illustrated story about a young seamstress, pushed beyond her limits to make beautiful dresses for the wealthy women of Salzburg.  As a kid, I would check this book out of my school library over and over again. I found a copy a few years ago, while working as […]

the workshop


over the weekend… Remember the canning in September?  Totally worth it.  These are my favourite presents to give.  And people genuinely seem to appreciate getting a jar of pickles…  or at least they laugh about getting a jar a pickles.  So, that’s something. The girls are getting so good at making stuff.  I am so […]

new rink


Robson Square has reopened for public skating. We’ll find our legs eventually.  E has her heart set on learning to hockey stop.



Most of it has now been scraped from the walls…  except for the two walls we are leaving and all of the grassy bits sticking out of the baseboards (Anyone wanna come over to pick at the baseboards for an hour or three??).  The drywall guy comes today.  YeeHAww!!