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So wonderful. AZ came-in a bit later.  He got right into it, creating the beginnings of a beautiful chain bracelet.  I hope it’s for me! We all danced to new tunes sent by M,A, M and O.  LOVE them. Advertisements

Niece N learned to knit at school about two years ago.   Every time she sees me knitting, she sits beside me and asks all sorts of questions.  What are you making?  Who is it for?  How long have you been working on it?  On a couple of occasions, she has pulled out her knitting and […]

My friend J has the best ideas.  A couple of years ago she threw a giant folk-dancing potluck party.  The entire neighbourhood came.  Friends played their fiddles, J led folk dances and many took turns washing dishes in the kitchen and maintaining the food tables.  J really has the best ethic when in comes to […]

handmade by Oma


Our Oma spent many months making this gorgeous crocheted blanket for us: It arrived in a Christmas box and has been used daily ever since.  I cheekily ordered “Handmade by ….” labels for her off of Etsy to encourage more of this awesomeness.  It’s so nice to have a talented Oma. Moonstitches posted about this […]

There are a few things I miss about our old house.  The light is one.  It was always bright and sunny inside, even on the grayest winter day.  Now, I have already talked about taking a while to settle into a place.  Don’t worry, I am not making plans to go back.  The new house […]

making together


You may have gathered from this blog that I like to make things with others.  I have fond memories of dying Easter eggs with my aunts, uncles and cousins in my Grandmother’s kitchen.  We feed off of each others’ ideas and share in each others’ creative successes and mistakes.  I clearly remember the year my […]

What is so special about a pancake recipe? This is less of a recipe and more of an activity. It is designed to maximize taste and possibility of child involvement, and to minimize mess.  It is also composed in the magic of “threes” – which helps for recollection. You will need two bowls and some […]