a long holiday


I have fallen out of the blogging habit – mostly because I never remember to take photos of anything…  and blogs aren’t as much fun without photos.  There was a huge amount of creative energy around here over the holidays.  Stay tuned for AZ’s Banana Oat Walnut Pancake recipe (BOW Pancakes?)… They are so good they deserve their own post.

We spent a bit of the holiday skiing and much of the holiday getting to know our new hood.  Capilano Lights (local residents visit free!), ice skating on Grouse Mountain, the West Vancouver Swimming Pool and Capilano River Regional Park all rule.  AZ and I discovered a new (to us) trail through the woods that completely blew us away.  I have borrowed these pictures from the the Park website:

We feel so so lucky to have such beauty within walking/running distance.  The air is outstandingly fresh and every tree and rock is dripping with rich green moss.  There is no excuse to skip a running day.  I’ll get my own pics up eventually!

I have started pattern-drafting again.  Today, I start a third prototype of a full-length Cirkids bodysuit for E.  I have been using an actual design textbook.  I bought this instead of signing up for another drafting class.  Waster?  Maybe.  Regardless, it feels good to be “making” from scratch.  I’m pretty psyched:


2 Responses to “a long holiday”

  1. 1 Maegen

    Is E in Cirkids again? Which day?

  2. 2 Mary

    Glad you’re back!

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