Banana Oat Walnut Pancakes – by AZ


What is so special about a pancake recipe? This is less of a recipe and more of an activity. It is designed to maximize taste and possibility of child involvement, and to minimize mess.  It is also composed in the magic of “threes” – which helps for recollection.

You will need two bowls and some butter for frying. Ideally, put two cast iron pans on medium low heat when you get things started, so they’ll be nice and warm by the time the batter is ready.

You should only need this recipe for the first few times you make these cakes. After that, you can free-roll in the kitchen. Eventually you won’t even need measuring cups – who needs to wash measuring cups?

BOW* Cakes

In a big bowl, mix together:

1 Unit               white flour

1 Unit               wheat flour

1 Unit               oats

1 Spoon            salt

1 Spoon            baking powder

1 Spoon            baking soda

Once mixed together, add to the same bowl:

1 or 2                mashed bananas

1 or 2                handfuls of well-crushed walnuts

3                       egg yokes (you can add 2, but I like protein) – save the whites

Put the egg whites into the second bowl and beat to a fluff.

Add milk to the big bowl of ingredients and mix as little as possible to get all the flour and stuff combined. You are aiming for a slightly thicker than normal batter.

Finally, fold the egg whites into the batter until just combined.

Add butter to your pans and cook the cakes. We always make more than we need and have a freezer bag of leftovers to pick at during the week.

* BOW = Banana Oat Walnut cakes. You can also make ACO cakes where you replace the bananas and walnuts with one grated Apple (don’t bother removing the skin – remember this is supposed to be easy) and Cinnamon.

* the raspberries were harvested in the summer and frozen – such a yummy treat mid-winter.  We are loving that deep-freeze!


One Response to “Banana Oat Walnut Pancakes – by AZ”

  1. thanks you for the yummy recipe !
    a fan from bowen island

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