making together


You may have gathered from this blog that I like to make things with others.  I have fond memories of dying Easter eggs with my aunts, uncles and cousins in my Grandmother’s kitchen.  We feed off of each others’ ideas and share in each others’ creative successes and mistakes.  I clearly remember the year my aunt left her egg in the blue dye for hours and hours to see what would happen.  The whole family waited and speculated and treasured that little experiment on the windowsill.

Clean-up also never feels overwhelming when there are a bunch of adults to share the task.  During a particularly lengthy clean-up after one Thanksgiving dinner, my cousins dared me to finish the gravy in the gravy boat.  They even took-up a collection of $20.  I did make a heroic attempt to drink the gravy, but heaved at the last second.  One year, I will have to try again.

Do you remember the surfing trip I took in the fall?  Well!  I went with two old friends and two new friends.  We hit it off amazingly and agreed to see each other regularly, ideally to either learn something or make something  (is this a girl thing?  Do women ever just get together to drink beer and play cards?).

For our first meeting, we met at B’s house to make meals.  Lots of meals.  Each woman went home with two steak meals (for 4-6 people each), two chicken meals (for 4-6 people), and two apple pies – all to stick in the freezer (yay food loot bags!).  We chopped, peeled, simmered, mixed, chatted and drank wine.  B did the shopping and planning.  We all split the bill.  It was great fun.

(Thank you for the pictures M!)

B got the recipes from this book.  We used Zip-lock bags to store the food, but would likely attempt to bring our own containers next time.  We would also try to have one person doing dishes throughout the night, rather than trying to do them all at the end with one sink (that part kept us up past bedtime!).

Making together: crafting, cooking, cleaning-up…  is pretty fun.  And, now that we are grown-ups, we get to drink wine at the same time!


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  1. this is just awesome in every way!

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