light and warmth


There are a few things I miss about our old house.  The light is one.  It was always bright and sunny inside, even on the grayest winter day.  Now, I have already talked about taking a while to settle into a place.  Don’t worry, I am not making plans to go back.  The new house is awesome!  I am just making plans to brighten it up as much as possible – so that I can take bright and sunny photographs for bright and sunny blog posts.  Hmmm… and do bright and sunny crafts with my bright and sunny children.

Check out these blocks we got from Santa.  Hours of entertainment for babes and grown-ups:

We are still waiting some things out.  A plumber and a builder are downstairs, busily securing heating pipes to the ceiling and framing rooms into the large concrete space.  After this work is complete, we will be able to move the boxes out of the living room and turn on some heat.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  We have no heat.  They took the old furnace out to make room for a bathroom.  That wasn’t really part of the original plan, but it is for the best (anyone want to buy a hat?).

AZ has been like Pa Ingalls, building a fire every morning.  We have moved our bed to the best possible spot.  AZ and I switch sides each night, taking turns sleeping right next to the fire.  Who needs sunlight when you have a warm fire?


4 Responses to “light and warmth”

  1. 1 Amy

    I say you leave your bed there even after the renos are done. Nothing better than sleeping in front of a fire on a chilly winter night.

  2. Those blocks are amazing! I want some! Are they easy to find?

    • Ack! Late reply! AZ ordered them off of the Keva website ( They use them at Science World, but aren’t sold at the gift shop.

  3. 4 Andre

    The Keva Planks folks are excellent. They delivered just before Christmas. I must say that the blocks are the best thing I have EVER played with. Highly recommended. Endless hours of creativity – and they are all the same – no bickering over pieces.

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