silence and spirit


Funny how silence here indicates complete and total chaos in real life!  The Olympics, the reno and various other obligations have all exploded at the same time.  The Olympics have been a pleasant surprise all around.  Vancouver is clean and vibrant and completely buzzing with all kinds of fantastic events and community spirit.  Even the vibe on public transit is jovial.  The events we have been attending have been free (and too many to choose from).  Yesterday, we pulled the kids from school to cruise around downtown.  We enjoyed a hot-dog picnic, sitting on the sidewalk at the corner of Robson and Burrard (If you know Vancouver, you know that Robson and Burrard is pretty much the centre of downtown).  W ate with his eyes closed because the sun was so glorious (really?  The Winter Olympics??).  Robson Street and Granville Street are closed to traffic and completely packed with people.  You can always tell when a Canadian hockey goal has been scored, because of the random cheers among the throngs of people.

The best thing about these Olympic events are how creative and inclusive they appear to be – and not all about sports!  The arts are getting a huge push.  We watched the performance troupe (all young teenagers) from E’s Circus School do an amazing show, complete with unicycles, juggling and acrobatics.  There is an artists’ lantern display, buskers everywhere (bongos and fiddlers, my favourite!) and a 45 minute line-up to get into the British Columbia Pavilion – Ok, so maybe that’s not so great, but apparently it rules – and I was very proud to hear that it is situated in the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I love the Art Gallery.  And all of this was just Downtown –  Granville Island, Richmond, Whistler, Sochi World and the surrounding waterfront… the action is everywhere.

I could go on and on, but I’ve got to go paint my sewing room (Yippee!).  Last thing, I hope everyone saw the Opening Ceremonies.  E and I got to go to the Dress Rehearsal, so we got the best of both TV and real life.  Lucky girls.  I had to watch it twice to catch everything anyway.  Slam poetry, Emily Carr, hardcore tap-dancing fiddlers (Ashley MacIsaac represents my favourite nights out during university.  Love him), orcas swimming under the floor, Sarah McLaughlan being beautiful as usual and KD Lang singing Hallelujah….  Holy smokes.   There was very little Quatchi and Miga (was there any??).  I’ll stop gushing.

Again.  I have few pictures.  The camera is the first thing to go when life gets busy.  Gotta work on that.


3 Responses to “silence and spirit”

  1. 1 Opa

    What a great blog on the olympics, M! Thanks for sharing the experience with us. I miss you & A,E,S and W. Opa

  2. 2 Maegen

    Hey M! Thanks so much for the Olympic info. We have been away skiing and just got back Sunday night. I have been looking for information on good stuff to see downtown and your post is perfect!! BTW, I spoke to Tami at Cirkids and she said that E could probably come on Wed nights after Spring Break – you should talk to them about it! R would love to have a buddy!

    • 3 Maegen

      And you have a sewing room???
      Wow – that alone makes me want to move! I would give anything to have a room of my own!

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