sew lovely points


A few years ago, a girlfriend of mine introduced me to the idea of “Sister Points”.  She had challenged her two pre-teen daughters to earn 100 Sister Points in exchange for a trip to Disneyland.  To earn points, sisters have to show kindness, generosity, love and/or team-spirit.  If one sister is being difficult, the other sister can earn a point by showing understanding.  Magic!

When E and S were 6 and 4, we gave the point system a try.  We made a little chart for the fridge.  It took them 4 months to earn 50 points.  As a reward, I took them for pedicures.  Rainbow toes!  It was awesome. (yeah, we didn’t talk about Disneyland) 

The trick for parents is to encourage positive behaviour by only adding Sister Points.  You can imagine how tempting it is to bark, “That’s it!!  Forget Disneyland! You can kiss those Sister Points goodbye!!”. 

Overall, it was a useful experiment.  E and S learned to help each other back onto fallen bikes and show a wee bit more patience for nasty moods (and I made sure to only add sister points rather than scribble them out)…  I am not sure what the parenting manuals would have to say about this system.  It seemed to work for us though!  Working together towards a common goal… this is a good thing.

Now that W is old enough, we’ve started a new chart.  But we couldn’t really call them Sister Points, could we?  After a few days of consideration, we decided on SEW Lovely Points (S, E and W – also stands for Sew, the family sport.  hmmm).  We agreed that after earning 50 Sew Lovely Points we would go out for dinner… to a restaurant of their choice. 

So!  Yesterday, we went to McDonalds for dinner.  The kids were thrilled.  We sat in the Playspace. 


(I’ve got no pictures of my own today, sorry.  I stole this one)

I was a little horrified by the garbage we ended up with at the end of the meal.  I also rejected the plastic toys.  I did accept the cookies (they were the same lemony cookies from the 70s and 80s – I’d almost forgotten!  Like the fries, they were total comfort food). 

My body was a little mad at me for eating the chicken burger.   I swore off fast-food meat 10 years ago after a nasty incident at a gas station outside of Washington D.C..  NEVER buy a chicken sandwich with a gas card.  Yeah.  NO.  Sorry body.  Sorry chicken.


One Response to “sew lovely points”

  1. I remember that chicken sandwich and to this day, I have never again had a fast food chicken sandwich!!

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