here and there


It’s Spring Break.  We’ve been skiing and swimming and eating yummy food.  Today we settled in and settled down, put stuff up and took lots of breaks.  I finished-off a quick cheese read, while my loves enjoyed some freshly unpacked toys.  Hanging pictures is my favourite part about moving-in.

Photos once-a-month for the first year…  for some reason, I only included 12 shots in E’s collage.  There should be 13, if you include the birth day and the 1st birthday.

And the sewing room.  This is the corner without boxes.  It’s so so close to being awesome.


2 Responses to “here and there”

  1. 1 Maegen


  2. 2 danielle

    always admired the 1st year collages…hollis might have one in the works…whats that they say about immitation????hehe.

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