Our littlest is four.  Ack!  He has been requesting a “tiger cake” for months.  Just yesterday, he clarified that he didn’t want the one with stripes, but the one with the fur around its face.  Hmm.  A lion cake it was (no laughing! – this was my creation, not AZ’s):

We had this brilliant idea that we would mess around making balloon animals.   Ahhh – I wouldn’t recommended it.  It was a wee bit loud and mildly traumatic listening to the random pops and subsequent crying spells.  Hilarious maybe?  The adults clung to their drinks.   Never a dull moment!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!


3 Responses to “four!”

  1. 1 Amy

    So grown up he’s wearing a tie! Big man.

  2. 2 jo

    did anyone eat the celery?

    • yep! – after everything else had been eaten up. The carrots went before the cake was brought out (that was me, though)

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