just in time


My kids are grubby looking.  Their pants have holes in the knees.  Shirts are stained.  Sweaters are tight.   Thankfully, my sewing space is now fully functional!  YahHOO!  Yesterday, I got to work trimming some badly frayed pants.

I suppose I should wash her shoes too!  House maintenance has definitely impinged upon kid maintenance these past few months.  What’s awesome is that they haven’t complained.  E and S come out their rooms every morning looking presentable enough in painted shirts and frayed pants.  I cross my fingers that they never discover the world of clothing allowances, fancy Lululemon hoodies and kid skinny jeans.   Or at least, when they do, they pair them with homemade shpants.

I love being able to sew and cut and iron and find stuff.  Spring sewing has begun!


One Response to “just in time”

  1. 1 AZ

    Shpants came out today for the first time this “season”. Shpant season is pretty long can probably push about 8 or nine months.

    Oh, kids should look grubby. Grubbier the better. Does your kids clothing offend your sensibilities? Send them our way!

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