sewing kit


For over a year, I used a canvas bag to house my sewing supplies.  This would seem a perfectly reasonable method for storing needles and scissors, but for me it was not.  I threw all sorts of garbage in there.  I couldn’t find anything and I stuck myself with errant pins on a regular basis.  Messy messy!

I found this on Etsy a couple of months ago:

It rules.  I feel very organized.

These ones here are pretty great too.  They are more pricey though.  I also suspect I’d get sick of one with a design on it.

Remind me to stay away from stencils and paint.


3 Responses to “sewing kit”

  1. I love vintage traincases. I had one when I was much younger and in a cleaning rage I gave it to my sister. It’s been 15 years, she still won’t give it back. It’s probably time that I just bought my own :)
    (found your blog via rose hip)

  2. 2 Jen

    Just nominated your mama blog on this site Vancouver Mom is looking for nominations for the top 30 local mama blogs. I also saw your mention in Vancouver Magazine’s Best of the City edition!

  3. That’s an awesome idea! Now, I just need to organize my sewing supplies to fit!

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