left-handed scissors


Okay!  You get two posts today because I have to tell you about something I have been working on…  a job-thing that will hopefully generate some income and keep me fulfilled and available for my kids.  I have started an event planning business.  Left-handed Scissors.  It is basically a formal version of what I have been doing already:  community tie dye parties, bath bomb nights, shirt-painting nights and whatever else.  It’s based on my whole community-making-stuff-together ethic.  I have been hesitant to share it with you here because I am still waffling over how I want to market myself.  I don’t want to come across as a birthday party clown.  Does this make sense?

SO!  I would like to supply folks with buckets and dye and rubber gloves (for their own alleyway parties)…  I would like to teach women to felt and drink wine at the same time….   I would like to coordinate Wish/Prayer Flags for honoured guests…  I would like to teach people how to create fancy Easter Eggs.  I would like communities to rediscover the joy of making things together: kids AND/OR grown ups, sharing ideas, being creative and embracing nerdiness.

This is my super cool logo, designed by Emily Haggar of Anthem Design Lab:

I have been published in the March/April “Best of Vancouver” issue of Vancouver Magazine (page 74 and here).  Gulp!  How cool is that?!  Last weekend, at the False Creek Community Centre, I taught eleven 11-year-olds how to felt.  It was so great.  Each kid went home with their own felting kit (shameless self promotion here: at least two kids said “This is the BEST party ever!”).  Yay!

This is it for now!  I will do this for a while and see how it goes.  I would welcome any business advice and/or comments and concerns about my website.  I hope to evolve, slowly figuring out what works and what doesn’t.  My email address is: megan@lefthandedscissors.ca.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to plan a party!

Last thing:  Thank you Jenn, for nominating me as a favourite Vancouver mom blogger.  I was having a cloudy “what am I doing with myself?!!” sort of day and took it as a sign that I should just keep doing what I am doing.  You made my night!


5 Responses to “left-handed scissors”

  1. 1 Mary

    OH! I’m so glad you are doing this! It’s fun and you’re great at it!

  2. 2 Maegen

    Wow! Fabulous idea Megan! I will spread the word!

  3. How wonderful! And perfect for you! Best of luck in your new venture :)

  4. 4 erin

    so happy for you for both things!
    lots of xo e.

  5. 5 Emily

    Congrats! That’s great! I would hire you in a second!

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