Apparently food colouring is a fabulously effective dye…  The little white dots on the blue egg are W’s fingertips:

We didn’t use pellets this year.  We used food colouring and natural dyes.

  • 1/8 teaspoon food colouring (try less?  I don’t think we needed that much)
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 2 teaspoons vinegar

For the natural stuff, we substituted the food colouring with colours derived from simmered coffee, tumeric, blackberries, beets and grass (the grass water turned light brown – not very effective).  The blackberries and coffee worked well… the other stuff, mehh.  Maybe after a few hours of immersion?  Next year?  Did any of you try anything that worked well?


W used everything.  Though, in the end, his eggs all ended up in the green dye.  They were beautiful:

AZ messed around with onion skins, grass and teeny branches.  He wrapped everything up in socks, secured them tightly with string, and boiled them…


I tried to make rudimentary Ukrainian Pysanka, using a crayon and a candle.  Basically: dye the egg with the lightest colour, draw a design with the crayon and dip it into a slightly darker colour.  Keep doing this until you have many layers of crayon and colour.  After you have dipped the egg into the darkest colour, melt all of the crayon wax off with the candle.  You should have a beautifully coloured egg!

Mine turned out OK, but might have worked better if I’d used a sharper crayon, or yes, used one of those fancy kistka thingies and some beeswax. Hmm…


Good times!  I didn’t get any good pictures of the girls’ eggs.  S drew an awesome little chick with a yellow crayon, then dyed the egg purple with blackberry.  Alas, that egg was destroyed in an early egg fight (egg fighting has its own Wikipedia entry?!! funny!)  Happy Easter!


2 Responses to “eggs”

  1. 1 Amy

    Nice! We used to do the Ukrainian crayon-candle dying when we were kids. I loved it. AZ’s eggs are very cool.

  2. Congrats! – you’ve been shortlisted as one of’s Ultimate 30 Vancouver Mom Blogs. If you could email me your full name and possibly a picture that we could use for a mini profile of your blog (that we hope to publish next week), we’d appreciate it!

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