the two of us


Me and W.  We play football (with a baseball bat, a tiny warped football and some pinecones… don’t ask) in the front yard.  We go for bike rides.  We do puzzles.  E and S are at school for most of the day (after school is a chaotic mix of play dates, homework, fiddle practice, snacks and dinner – a blur).  I’ve gone from being the mom of two little girls and a baby to being the mom of one little boy.  Weird!

He is amazing.  He likes to wrestle and make comically violent faces (trying to be scary).  He collects branches on our bike rides, draping them over his handlebars until he can’t steer anymore.  That, and when he hears a car coming, he steers directly into the curb.  Every time.

We are still looking for the neighbourhood hangout.  You know, a park with a zillion other babes running around.  We had one in our old hood, but I think that was unique and special.  I mean, we’re happy and all and W is in preschool a couple of mornings a week, so it’s not like we’re going crazy or anything… but I think we could use some buddies to help launch those Hotwheels off of the slide at the park.  Something casual, easy, unscheduled.  Maybe people will come out now that the sun is shining?

Bald eagle:


6 Responses to “the two of us”

  1. 1 Grandma

    Lucky boy! Mom to himself.

  2. 2 erin

    i know just how you feel :)
    and i still miss that park too!
    wish we were closer so me and my boy could hang out with you and yours…
    lots of xo

    • Seriously! Your faces are the ones that pop into my head whenever I think of G-park! Good news, I may have found a good hangout – just today – Yay parks and spring!

  3. That’s some impressive two-wheeling for little W!

  4. 5 Mary

    ahhh man… Hotwheels off the slide… awesome.

  5. 6 HUBERT

    YEA! Even I remember it. Giant jumps of the swings by M & S.

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