and here it is!


The Park.  Just two weeks ago, I was complaining about how I still had to find the neighbourhood hang out.  You know, the park with a zillion babies running around?

Well, I found it.   Funny how that happens.   It came up in conversation with a new friend and then, coincidentally, three days later with an old friend.  On my first visit, I ran into two sets of friends and had a lovely morning of coffee, conversation and play – just what we have been looking for!

This park has all of the elements: a yummy coffee shop, swings, an appealing play structure, a small field, a beautiful view and…. get this bonus…. a beach!  Now, it isn’t down the street.  I have to drive for about eight minutes to get there.  But, it’s worth it, I think (on our second trip, W combed the beach for sea glass).  Maybe I’ll work up to biking there?  Have I told you about the mountain we live on?


2 Responses to “and here it is!”

  1. 1 Grandma

    How great is that?! What’s it called?

  2. 2 Mary Hewitt

    Sounds like magic!
    Congrats on your find!

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