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AZ and E celebrated birthdays this past week.  On Saturday morning, 16 little girls came over to eat pancakes and tie dye shirts.  Ahem…  Calm and Zen it was not, but I did get the chance to connect with lots of new parents and kids (all nice, I am happy to report).  I just hope […]



E has been devoted to my Shirley “Angie” for years now.  She has waited patiently for me to finish dolls for her siblings and cousins, subtly hinting that she would love a new doll of her own.   I still have a few more to make for the family, but because my E is turning […]

west coast


I am trying to adopt a Zen lifestyle.  Calm and relaxed.  This helps… Port Renfrew, BC: Next time, I swim too.

belated update


On the afternoon of my birthday, my good friend Y took me on a bike ride through the woods.  Y has always been full of birthday cheer.  For my sweet 16th, she kidnapped me early in the morning to take me for breakfast in my PJs.  Later, we hiked through the snow to Mystery Lake […]

Pro-D Days


No school today!  Is this what life would be like if we home-schooled?  Relaxed?  Simple?  I often wonder this.  We have been trying to keep our weekends program-free for this reason.  Not sure what we are going to do when W gets adamant about joining a soccer team.  Hmmm. I love love these adventures.  We […]

Make stuff, hang out, drink coffee (OK, maybe not the coffee)….  Even four year-old W has learned the basics of stitching.  We recite lines from one of our favourite books: Hmm… he said as his scissors went snip, snip, snip and his needle flew in and out and in and out, “There’s just enough material […]



One Saturday last spring, there were some fabulously whimsical stilt-walkers at our local farmer’s market.  One of them wore long lacy bloomers to cover up her stilts.  I set about making some for the girls, but got sidetracked with life stuff and never finished them… until this weekend: S’s little shorts took quite a bit of time […]