One Saturday last spring, there were some fabulously whimsical stilt-walkers at our local farmer’s market.  One of them wore long lacy bloomers to cover up her stilts.  I set about making some for the girls, but got sidetracked with life stuff and never finished them… until this weekend:

S’s little shorts took quite a bit of time because I had to install the lace onto the pattern pieces before sewing them together.  Each side had to match, or the seams would have looked wonky. 

E’s were much quicker to make because I simply sewed layers of lace onto the hem:

Both pairs were made from a basic pants pattern that I have adopted and adapted over the years.  I did take quite a bit of ‘poof’ out of the front of each pair.  S’s shorts have enough ‘poof’ with the lace and E will be wearing hers under dresses and skirts, so they have to be relatively fitted.

I would love to make more of the long ones (tomorrow?).  The only change I would make would be to use a sturdier, thicker fabric for the base so they can be worn without a dress overtop.  I used white cotton broadcloth for E’s and they are too see-through to be worn on their own.   Though, I like the idea of wearing them over a bathing suit in the summer.  I have already decided to let them get dirty.  A ragged theatrical look.   

For any of you locals wanting to give this a try:  I would recommend Dressew for the trim.  I hit a few shops for this project.  Dressew prices and selection were by far the best.


3 Responses to “bloomers”

  1. 1 Ella

    these are pretty awesome and girly Megan.
    funny running into you at WF. you caught me in one of more recently common whirlwinds.
    umm your little guy is cuuuute!

  2. 2 Maegen

    Gorgeous! I don’t dare show these to Rosy!

  3. 3 erin

    so cute – love all the different bits of lace.

    funnily enough, i’ve been clearing out at my dad’s house, and just today set aside a pattern from my mum’s sewing room for you: edwardian underwear!

    xo e.

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