belated update


On the afternoon of my birthday, my good friend Y took me on a bike ride through the woods.  Y has always been full of birthday cheer.  For my sweet 16th, she kidnapped me early in the morning to take me for breakfast in my PJs.  Later, we hiked through the snow to Mystery Lake and finished off the day with a party at her house.  Y never misses a birthday.  There was no reason to be suspicious about a birthday afternoon biking invitation…

Except, AZ had planned a giant surprise party.  What a SWEET heart!  I came home, covered in sweat and mud, to find my house full of old friends and new friends.  O even played Happy Birthday on his music box for my grand entrance!  I love it!

There was beautiful potluck food, mojitos, a keg and a cake.  I feel very lucky to have such a community of goodness around me.

And really, there is no better way to have a housewarming…  I didn’t have to spend a minute stressing about the unfinished drywall, random grime or pile of un-hung pictures.  The party was exactly what a party should be – good friends, good food and good cheer.

The one unfortunate part was that W smashed his teeth (again) five minutes before the party was to start.  He finally lost his tooth (the gray one that has been the victim of multiple smashings)…  Does anyone know of a good face mask for daredevil kids?  Yes, he is mid-air here:

AZ didn’t get to finish making his balloon animal chandelier.  He was too busy tending to our bleeding babe.  My mom took him for a (relatively) quick check at Emergency and all turned out OK.

Picture a bigger one of these, highlighted by lights:

Oh yes, and AZ borrowed a button maker.  A heavy-duty Tecre one.  Guests got crafty, making buttons outfitted with wool, magazine cutouts and drawings.  He knows what I like.  Gush.


3 Responses to “belated update”

  1. 1 erin

    so sorry we missed the party…but did send you tonnes of love and happy birthday wishes! xo e.

  2. 2 Maegen

    I would love to have been there too, still fighting a sore throat and cough though – yuck!
    I’m glad you were suprised!

  3. 3 Mary Hewitt

    Where were the un-hung pictures? I looked for them and couldn’t find them!
    Thanks havin’ a birthday so everyone could have a party!
    Great pictures of W….. your kids have spunk!

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