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fisherman pants


Smoking Lily makes gorgeous Thai fisherman pants…. with a little more substance than your authentic cotton fisherman pants.  Think denim or heavyweight linen, with a couple of d-rings to secure the belt.  I bought mine over seven years ago.  I wore them to bits.  Last week, I cut them up and copied them.  It’s such […]

the plan


We board an airplane on Sunday.  Bound for Berlin, then Riga.   IamsoexcitedIcan’tevenstandit.  Some of you already know that I have been a wee bit restless.  I occasionally browse international job postings sites, trying to find just the right overseas situation for our little family.   AZ, happily settled into his dream job, patiently listens as […]



Our new neighbourhood is full of them…  which is very exciting, because remember how I like to forage? Salmonberries are beautiful, but not very tasty.  In my opinion anyway.  I wonder if they are bit like rhubarb?  Do they need a heap of cream and syrup to liven them up?? Anyone have any ideas?