the plan


We board an airplane on Sunday.  Bound for Berlin, then Riga.   IamsoexcitedIcan’tevenstandit.  Some of you already know that I have been a wee bit restless.  I occasionally browse international job postings sites, trying to find just the right overseas situation for our little family.   AZ, happily settled into his dream job, patiently listens as I yammer on about how “easy” it would be to rent out the house, yank the kids out of school and bring only the bare essentials to some simple apartment in Nairobi.   Ahhh….

The truth is that I am getting quite comfortable at home.  We are considering getting a dog and maybe a chicken or a cat.  The kids are happy, AZ is happy and I am happy to make loopy plans….  like the one I have cooking for Sunday.  Four and a half weeks away.  Two weeks in Latvia, one week on Gotland (a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea) and one and a half weeks in Sweden.  Awesome, if a bit bratty and unnecessary… but probably not as costly as taking a giant gamble with AZ’s career.  We are backpacking, with a big rolling bag and a little rolling bag, sleeping in hostels and subsisting on bread and peanut butter and… foraged berries.  Did I say that IamsoexcitedIcan’tevenstandit?

I have sewn sleep sheets and bought tiny travel towels for each of us.  I have made a little stuff sac for the Yahtzee dice and booked a three-night hostel stay at an old prison in Visby.  We are going to wear the same clothes every day (almost).  My sneaky plan is to convince AZ that we can DO this.  Maybe not every year, but every few years.   And the hardier the kids get, the more remote and (arguably) less expensive the trip has to be…  until we are living six months a year in rural India.  Crazy?  Maybe.

I had this idea that I would try to take the girls to see First Aid Kit sing in Sweden (the girls sing along to their tunes.  As do I).  Unfortunately, the band is not going to be in Sweden during our visit.  But, guess what!  They were in Vancouver last night.  E and S are a bit young for the Media Club, so B and M joined me instead.  The music was fabulous.  I bought a new album.  The Waltz for Richard is my new favourite.  Funny how everything works out so nicely.

I may post one more time.  We’ll see how the rest of the week goes.


2 Responses to “the plan”

  1. 1 erin

    i have a pal in stockholm…would you like contact info/tips from a local?
    happy, happy trails…
    xo e.

  2. 2 Aimee

    iamalsosoexcitedforyou!!! I can’t wait to hear all about this amazingly fabulous adventure!

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