busyness and pattern drafting


… and a damp camera.  Those are my excuses.

The camera is drying out in a bowl of rice.  Seems we trashed it on the trip, stuffing it into bags with wet towels and other garbage.  It has decided not to take pictures for us!  Arg!

Anyhoo, I have lots to blog about.  My skirt.  I have made my dream housewife skirt.  It is fitted and comfortable and flares at the bottom.  It also has a little bustle at the back and ties up with a big bow. The best part is that it is so comfortable, I actually want to wear it.  I usually only wear skirts for a dinner or an outing or some short part of the day, changing as soon as I get home.  I made this one from scratch, using 1.5 bed sheets and four large sheets of newsprint in my effort to perfect the pattern. My kids were only mildly neglected… for a day or two.  ahem.

I am very excited and confident that I can repeat the process with the other designs in my head.  Now all I need is more time!

I know I have some catching up to do with project photos, etc. Once my camera dries, I’ll get some up. The housewife on vacation (in my wool fishermans’ pants, but you can’t really tell):


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