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Made at a summer shower, for sister B and her beautiful second daughter, Daisy.  Assembled today. Already a well-loved kid. Oh, and sorry B… I had to let my babes tag on three more flags… couldn’t say No to more good wishes: Advertisements

wood and cars


I kind of feel like I am due for a brain dump.  I have been ranting and raving and complaining about way too much lately.  Not here, in real life.  I know that all I need to do is ditch all of the unnecessary bullsh$# I keep getting myself into, enjoy my kids, keep running […]

W’s wallet


“Mom?… Can you make me a wallet with this?”  (holds up a white Ikea curtain tie) “Sure, W.  Why don’t you draw a picture of what you would like it to look like?” He runs to grab the pencil crayons, markers and paper.  Ten minutes later, he shows me this: “So, grey, WITH lines”, he […]

fast pants


I didn’t make them.  I bought them so I can feel fast.  In an attempt to claw my way back into pre-baby(s) running shape, I have joined a running group.  It is very similar to one I ran with 10 years ago.  We meet once a week to do painful interval training (which I have […]

inspired by a shirt found here.  The lace is a long-ago find from Value Village – a package of five Nottingham Lace doilies.

I can’t stand it.  These Folkwear patterns are so much fun… I ordered a kimono and vest pattern about a week ago (trying to convince the girls to be Japanese princesses for Halloween).  It arrived today, with a catalogue that is even more fun to browse than the website.  Must… not… shop… online.

S has a lucky birthday.  The end of August.  Reasonable enough for her to have a party with her multitude of cousins as well as her school friends.  This year, I made her choose whether she wanted a cousin party or a school-friend party.  She chose the school-friend party.  However, because cousin R celebrates the […]