tomato math and salsa


On occasion, I find this blog to be a rather handy archive.  For example, when I need to know how many pounds of tomatoes to buy this year, I go here to find out how many I ordered last year.

Except we ran out of last year’s tomatoes in March… AND we held back on spaghetti and pizza dinners in order to preserve our stash of jars.  So how many pounds do we order this year??  Tomato math is big here at the moment.

I went ahead and ordered fifty pounds of organic tomatoes from a colleague of AZ’s (not sure where she got them – Last year, I ordered them from Westham Island Herb Farm – they were lovely).   I figured fifty pounds was plenty to deal with in one go.  Now I am all set for round two.  Say, 40 more pounds?  Gulp!  I am getting faster, following the recipe for “Cut-up plain tomatoes” from Putting Food By:

For some reason, I am getting slower at making salsa.  It took me all day Sunday to make eleven 500ml jars.  This salsa is amazing though.  The recipe is here.  It’s ridiculously time consuming to make, when you factor-in roasting the red peppers over the barbecue and seeding the chilies.  I am going to put myself through it one more time (sorry family), because I have decided that homemade salsa and a bag of chips is going to be the coolest present of 2010-2011.

Does anyone have any other good salsa recipes?  I made the Cheeky Chile Pepper Chutney from Jamie at Home.  It is very yummy, especially on rice.  Although, I am not sure how long it will store for.   My boyfriend Jamie Oliver said a couple of months, but surely it’ll keep longer.  Right?  I am reluctant to make too much if it won’t last.


3 Responses to “tomato math and salsa”

  1. Wow you are amazing canning fifty plus pounds of tomatoes. I freeze mine, much easier, besides I’m lazy. I have the same book. It is a great resource for all things preserving. Good luck with the salsa. It sounds really delicious.

  2. 2 Maegen

    Last year, I think I did at least 100. The year before 200 (way too much time involved but oh so yummy!). I have been slow to get to it this year though. I hope I’m not too late!

  3. is jamie oliver your boyfriend too?

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