two weeks of birthday


S has a lucky birthday.  The end of August.  Reasonable enough for her to have a party with her multitude of cousins as well as her school friends.  This year, I made her choose whether she wanted a cousin party or a school-friend party.  She chose the school-friend party.  However, because cousin R celebrates the same birthday three days before S, we couldn’t help but show a little spirit during those last days of summer vacation.  Me and my sister M phoned an ice cream truck to come over for a surprise visit.  It was rad.  He gave us all kinds of sugary, gimmicky pops at a great price.  Fun, easy insta-party. S and R:

This morning we took S’s school friends and their siblings and parents for a birthday hike.  AZ and I hauled coffee, juice, peaches, loot bags and a giant, layered Chocolate Zucchini cake (in backpacks) up Mount Seymour.  AZ and 30 kids decorated the cake with zip lock bags full of icing (AZ is the best, by the way).  Amid some serious negotiation, beside the mountaintop lake, they came up with…

a horse jumping over a fern:

We picked wild blueberries and mountain huckleberries and drank coffee and got muddy.  It was nice to visit with everyone so early in the school year.  And thankfully, the rain stayed away.

The only thing I have to think through for next time would be a graceful system for gift-giving.  Because it didn’t make sense to haul extra stuff up the hill, most of our guests presented their gifts in the parking lot.  S then opened them at home.  The gifts were so thoughtful and cool, I felt they should have had more fanfare.  So, for next time… maybe a special present Sherpa?  Or a present-opening session in the parking lot at the end?  I do still toss and turn over the gift-giving and loot bag thing.  You know, whether to ban them or collect a donation or some such thing… Leah’s post here helped me relax a bit.  We don’t buy our kids many toys.  Birthdays are the one time they get spoiled with cool stuff – stuff we wouldn’t normally buy and stuff S can get all excited about.  She was over-the-moon today, that’s for sure.

The lake on a better-weather day:

Happy 7th Birthday my beautiful, kind-hearted S.  We love you so much.


4 Responses to “two weeks of birthday”

  1. Wow – what an amazing birthday party. Makes me miss the west coast! Maybe next year we’ll invite kids to climb the CN tower … nah, not the same thing.

  2. One thing we have hit on to deal with the present issue is the “Two Toonie” party. I give the kids a choice between inviting the same number of kids as how old they are turning (six kids on the sixth birthday…), or a whole class. If it is the latter, the only choice is the two toonie party. Each guest brings…that’s right, two toonies…one of which goes to the birthday kid and the other goes to a charity of the child’s choice. Last time we did it for Finny, she got to buy a huge Playmobile farm with her money. The rest went to Seeing Eye dogs. I love it…no waste, no plastic, no 10-minute toys. It can work really well.

  3. 3 erin

    aww – we love her too…happy day s! and awesome party!!!

  4. 4 Hubert

    Read this with delight! How I would like to have been there to celebrate with dear, dear S.

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