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On occasion, I find this blog to be a rather handy archive.  For example, when I need to know how many pounds of tomatoes to buy this year, I go here to find out how many I ordered last year. Except we ran out of last year’s tomatoes in March… AND we held back on […]

A dear friend of mine got married a couple of weeks ago.  She is a wonderfully supportive and creative kind of girl, marrying an equally supportive and creative kind of guy.  They were married in a beautiful venue surrounded by a zillion mutual friends.  Of course, I had to make something to wear to this […]

I am losing all of my readers.  Have patience.  I haven’t quit, I am just trying to stay Zen whilst flying by the seat of my pants… We are home after a summer pretty much away.  The camera is still angry, but I think we have figured out why.  How do we get sand out […]