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E made this


She has been having a hard time lately… missing her old friends and trying to find her place amongst the new ones.  We moved one year ago.  I wanted to settle sooner rather than later so that we would be able to get to know the kids and parents before the advent of any preteen […]

Every year, my grandmother hosts a big Halloween party for all sixty-four of my aunts and uncles and cousins.  She cooks beans.  And a big ham.  Everyone dresses up.  Even the grown-ups.  I have to admit that AZ and I suck.  We only manage costumes every second year, or so.  Last night I wore black, […]

What a great weekend!  Same lovely girls, same sporty town, different windswept beach.  I heart AZ for taking on so much at home. I wish I could say that I love surfing (the beginner boards are heavy and I am a grand master klutz).  Next year, I think I’ll frolic on my tummy… on a […]

Our Thanksgiving adventure ended up being a wee one.  AZ had to work Sunday night, so we drove Monday, camped Monday night and picked-up our sweet baby in Grand Forks on Tuesday morning.  He is so precious.  Our province is so precious.  WHAT a beautiful drive.  The Holes audiobook and some fruit shopping in Keremeos […]

We have a bag of heavy-duty balloon-animal balloons and a pump to go with it.  AZ picked them up at a local party supply place before W’s fourth birthday.  Every so often, we haul them out to make some crazy thing… you know:  chandelier, hat, car decoration, wiener dog. W was goofing off with a […]

friendship hike


We hiked again!  This time, my friend and I invited all of the Grade 2 kids and their families – in an attempt to bring the French Immersion and English track kids together.  Super-Soccer-Saturday prevented many families from coming.  Only five showed.  No matter, it was lovely (Though we may schedule another for an upcoming […]

now I am posting too often… but I couldn’t resist more childhood shots: We look like angels… or trouble.  I can’t decide.  I still miss knee socks (calf hug). My uncle used this one in the advertisement for his 1980s band, The Beverley Sisters. “The Beverley Sisters go boom-boom”.  (this is the only band link […]