another one or two


now I am posting too often… but I couldn’t resist more childhood shots:

We look like angels… or trouble.  I can’t decide.  I still miss knee socks (calf hug).

My uncle used this one in the advertisement for his 1980s band, The Beverley Sisters. “The Beverley Sisters go boom-boom”.  (this is the only band link I can find: They collaborated on this tune):


4 Responses to “another one or two”

  1. gotta love blanket sleepers!

  2. 2 Mom

    Damn, you were cute! Must have great looking parents!

  3. I thought your kids looked like AZ until I saw these!

  4. 4 molly

    how on earth did you remember that song?! i’ve just clicked the link, and i totally remember it. which part was ewan’s?

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