camp love, Summer love


Our Thanksgiving adventure ended up being a wee one.  AZ had to work Sunday night, so we drove Monday, camped Monday night and picked-up our sweet baby in Grand Forks on Tuesday morning.  He is so precious.  Our province is so precious.  WHAT a beautiful drive.  The Holes audiobook and some fruit shopping in Keremeos helped to pass the time.

First camp-out since Sweden:  I think we’ve missed it.  It was so funny.  The kids were over-the-moon about having real sleeping bags, and Therm-a-rests and pillows!! (and good thing we had them because it was COLD)  We went really basic on our Europe trip.  We didn’t bring any camping gear because we weren’t sure if the camping thing would work out.  So, in Visby, we bought a small tent and five thin fleece blankets (to go with our cotton sleep-sheets – cotton sheets sewn together like sleeping bags).  After four uncomfortable nights, AZ and I caved and bought Therm-a-rests for ourselves, leaving our poor, innocent children to rest on the cold, hard ground for the remaining three nights (nice mom, eh?).  They didn’t know any better at the time… but they do now!  I am not sure we can convince them to go mat-less again.

More on Summer another time (yes, a boy-dog named Summer… you could also call him Sumner, after Gordon Sumner, better known as Sting.  Or Summer Jorge).  He is sweet and small and fluffy and attentive.  The kids are smitten.  I am mildly overwhelmed, but oh-so-glad to be opening our family up to this new experience.  My parents got me and my sisters a dog when I was twelve, which I think was a bit late.  I bonded more with our cats, Mr. and Mrs.  I also grew-up babysitting for my cousins, who always had a zillion pets: dogs, rats, stick-bugs, etc.  I always felt that was what a family should look like: chaotic, and full of life and love.  So.  Here goes…


One Response to “camp love, Summer love”

  1. so happy you got your sweet new pup, but very sorry we couldn’t squeeze in a visit! xo e.

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