E made this


She has been having a hard time lately… missing her old friends and trying to find her place amongst the new ones.  We moved one year ago.  I wanted to settle sooner rather than later so that we would be able to get to know the kids and parents before the advent of any preteen girl social stress.  E was a champ last year.  She was quickly included in playdates and birthday parties and was happy to attend school and to play with her new buddies at recess.  I am still working on getting to know the parents – and am realizing that I may have to coordinate a Friendship Hike to help things along (we seem to know S’s parent group better!).

Grade 4 is proving to be a wee bit tricky.  A new friend recently told her that she didn’t really like E’s “style”.  GUlp! (it was a little more harsh than that, but I won’t go into details).   E put on a brave face, but couldn’t fight the tears at bedtime.  For those of you who know E, or read this blog regularly, you know that her “style” is amazing.  She combines home-made with hand-me-downs with shop-finds with thrift-finds.  Last year, her teacher once praised her for wearing something handmade every day.  After that, E made sure to wear something handmade every day.  On occasion, her ensembles have been outstanding enough that I would phone AZ at work with a description (“you won’t believe what E is wearing today…”).  I have been half-expecting something like this to happen… I mean, when you wear bloomers to school, you are bound to hear an opinion or two.  I just don’t think E was expecting it.

She made a statement today:  short bloomers, purple leggings, felted armwarmers and an East Van Hand (ultimate frisbee) t-shirt (a little shout-out to the old ‘hood).  I would never have been that brave and would likely have dug into my closet for something, anything to blend in with my peers.

Now, we’ve just got to track down that kindred spirit.


4 Responses to “E made this”

  1. 1 Amy

    E is more stylish than 95 per cent of the women I know. Give her a big hug for me. She rocks.

  2. she totally rocks. sending e (and you) lots of love…and wishing we weren’t so far away. xo

  3. Good for her! Brave girl.

  4. 4 Maegen

    R has really been enjoying reconnecting with E lately! She talks about her ALL the time, and says she wishes they could see more of each other. I have always loved her sense of style too.
    I know she’ll find that local kindred spirit soon!

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