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He said he felt sick.  I thought he was whining and hungry because he hadn’t finished his oatmeal. Then he threw up outside the Ukrainian Hall (turning everyone off of their cabbage rolls, I am sure).  When I got home and saw this photo I felt so guilty!  Sometimes I just don’t pay attention.  Poor, […]

My friend J (the one with the best ideas) has inspired me again.  Last night, we attended a craft fair and Culture Crawl, with other beautiful women from my old neighbourhood, dreaming about art studios and sharing ideas for new projects.  We ran into friends and acquaintances selling their wares, doing what they love… making […]

The Amber Coast


I am a little late with this post… because I want to give you all lots of time to order your copy before the holidays. My mother-in-law wrote this book.  It’s about her childhood, fleeing Latvia as the Soviets took over, then being moved from Germany to Sweden, and finally, to Montreal.  She recounts the […]



W asked for a dragon hat.  I obliged.  It’s OK, I guess, but a tad on the cheesy side.  W dug up the eyeball from somewhere.  Maybe he harvested it off of one of his preschool pictures?  I forgot to ask, but I do love that he thought to use it – a joint effort! […]

the mountaintop


In the backyard (different from coffee and cinnamon twists on the Drive, but no less awesome).  We are going to have to learn to skate!  Rookie skate mom: we went glove-less. ‘Grinder’ the Grizzly.  And E, kissing him.  Grouse Mountain cares for two of these.  E, S and W loved seeing this one up close […]

food and table


A family friend has started a nutrition and life coaching business called Get Living.  She conducted a Nutrition and Your Kids workshop at my sister’s house last night.  Now, I am by no means perfect when it comes to my eating habits, but I am not a disaster either (though, I do tend to focus […]

So I have settled a bit.  No more stressing.  AZ has this beautiful, relaxed, earthy cousin who once said about work and motherhood, “nature has a way of filling up space”.   So, basically a natural career step will present itself when we have more time to spend on it.  And if cash ever becomes a […]