natural space and slow signs


So I have settled a bit.  No more stressing.  AZ has this beautiful, relaxed, earthy cousin who once said about work and motherhood, “nature has a way of filling up space”.   So, basically a natural career step will present itself when we have more time to spend on it.  And if cash ever becomes a huge issue, we’ll figure that out too.  I was talking about all of this with a girlfriend who is in the same situation.  We both agreed that it only takes one small success or concrete goal to eliminate this feeling that we have become professional dishwashers and snack-makers.  Does that make sense?  In the meantime, we’ll just plug away, savoring the minutes with these hilarious people we have created.  And savoring these new bits of time (preschool!) where we can run and grocery shop without strollers and goldfish crackers.

These are old photos, but I thought I’d stick them up anyway.  We had these old wooden signs in the shed.  E and I painted and stenciled messages on them.   For the cars that whip past our driveway (often driven by teenage hoodlums):


3 Responses to “natural space and slow signs”

  1. 1 Mom

    “it” will come to you and you may be surprised!!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog entries about motherhood, career, work, etc. As our children grow older that need to achieve something for ourselves, to contribute to the family wealth and prosperity seems to grow too. At the end, it all comes down to our life’s priorities: our kids and partners come first. However, the realisation of our personal goals and dreams is intrisically connected to our happiness, so when the right time comes and there is a window of opportunity to juggle family and career, we should go for it and make the best of it. I feel that I absolutly love every minute of my life as a mother and wife, yet a small part of me is looking forward to doing something that makes me feel creative and intelligent, and I know that when the time is right, I will be able to do, without sacrificing the time that I spend with my loved ones. Thank you sharing your thoughts, it feels nice to know that others out there share our guilt and pleasures!

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