food and table


A family friend has started a nutrition and life coaching business called Get Living.  She conducted a Nutrition and Your Kids workshop at my sister’s house last night.  Now, I am by no means perfect when it comes to my eating habits, but I am not a disaster either (though, I do tend to focus more on eating locally than the nutrition part).  What is cool, is that I came home with a renewed focus on health and new information about the kinds of choices I should be making.  Things like, what kind of olive oil to buy (cold-pressed, from the first pressing) and why I shouldn’t eat quite so much cold cereal (milk and cereal are both highly processed, Nature’s Path included).  I will be grocery shopping with new enthusiasm and confidence.  It was a fun and interesting night.

It was also nice to have the opportunity to chat with other moms about their experiences with kids and their eating habits.  M has nice friends.

We have been making some progress with our mealtimes at home lately.  The kids are starting to really ‘get’ the ritual of it, setting the table (with flowers, candles and silverware, of course), making conversation about what we learned during the day, complimenting things they like (no matter how small) and offering to clear the table.  It also helps that AZ has a hilarious appreciation for food – and the memory of a goldfish (“This is the best dinner I have ever had!!” He is pretty enthusiastic).  Maybe because bedtime is less work than it used to be… or maybe because we know that the kids will help with the dishes a teeny weeny bit…  but we sit at the table longer (actually relaxing!).  I love it.


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  1. 1 Grandma

    Love reading this Meg! You are a good mom!

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