reminders and secret boxes


My friend J (the one with the best ideas) has inspired me again.  Last night, we attended a craft fair and Culture Crawl, with other beautiful women from my old neighbourhood, dreaming about art studios and sharing ideas for new projects.  We ran into friends and acquaintances selling their wares, doing what they love… making stuff, not necessarily for money, for fun. We agreed to spend more time making things.  It’s so good to be reminded to do this.

Another one of J’s ideas:

Secret book boxes, for birthday presents:

Rough instructions:

  • Using Mod Podge (Matte), paint along the sides of an old book so that the pages stick together (I did two coats).
  • Once the sides have dried (and your pages aren’t going to move around on you), use an exacto knife to cut into the centre of the book, creating a tidy little box.  For added loveliness, I like to leave a few pages at the beginning of the book (the cover page, the dedication page, etc.)  If you can, stop on a page with a nice passage or illustration.
  • Once you are happy with your cutting, Mod Podge the inside and edges of your new box (again, two coats).

Fill with treasures.


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