paying attention


He said he felt sick.  I thought he was whining and hungry because he hadn’t finished his oatmeal.

Then he threw up outside the Ukrainian Hall (turning everyone off of their cabbage rolls, I am sure).  When I got home and saw this photo I felt so guilty!  Sometimes I just don’t pay attention.  Poor, poor W.


2 Responses to “paying attention”

  1. 1 ellen kelley

    Oh, I am so sorry. Please believe that I have, and did do…what ever, tend to gloss over things with my boys so long ago. You are a good mother. All will be well and your children will flourish, sprout their wings and come back to give you a loving, teasing, affectionate hard time.
    Best to you (I am a leftie too) Ellen.

  2. 2 Sarah

    Aw. My mum feels so guilty about misdiagnosing me as whiny when I was actually sick that whenever I complain about S. being difficult, she tells me he must be coming down with something.
    Hope he makes a quick recovery!

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