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Sorry for the delay! Here she is! Miss Erin in Nelson will receive a super-fancy Swedish fleece vest – to wear cross country skiing and frolicking with her babies in the snow – and while stoking the fire at home! A perfect fit, I would say! Me and AZ continued with our tradition of allowing […]

the tree


Love.  Full of anniversary gifts (9 years as of the 8th?!) and trip souvenirs. I could stare at it forever. Like a good camp fire. Now we’ve just got to clear the schedule for fondue and board games.

Remember those blankets we bought in Sweden?  Five thin fleece blankets, $5 each, seven nights of camping.  Well, AZ was set on donating them to our last youth hostel.  The thought of squeezing them into our bags and hauling them back to Vancouver seemed ridiculous to him (never mind that we had also acquired a […]

Early December madness… concerts (galore), parties, making, shopping and shipping.  That’s where I am anyways.  E made this stocking for our pup last month.  I have a stack of synthetic felt I found at the Re-Use-It Centre a bunch of years ago.  The kids are allowed to go to town with it.  If I had […]