saved blankets, running vests and a contest


Remember those blankets we bought in Sweden?  Five thin fleece blankets, $5 each, seven nights of camping.  Well, AZ was set on donating them to our last youth hostel.  The thought of squeezing them into our bags and hauling them back to Vancouver seemed ridiculous to him (never mind that we had also acquired a tent and the entire Stieg Larsson trilogy).  We debated, I won.  Now I get to cut them up and sew lots of stuff.  Warm stuff.

I can’t really use them for anything fancy.  The quality of the fleece is horrendous.  That said, I can use them as prototype fabric and for grubbier-use items.

The girls made their own legwarmers yesterday:

And the best item of all: running vests.  I made two of these a couple of years ago.  They are fabulous for running.  They keep my core warm and are more interesting than your standard Lululemon wear.  They do hold a tiny bit of water on rainy days, but I figure being marginally weighed down is good for training, right?  I am debating selling these to running friends and cross-country ski friends, but, for now, I am going to hold a contest!  If you would like a fleece vest (custom-made in your size), comment here before noon on December 17th.  Me and my babies will pick a name from a hat (you don’t have to be a runner to enter.  Dog-walkers, skiiers, cyclists, beachcombers, gardeners, stoller-pushers… all welcome).


11 Responses to “saved blankets, running vests and a contest”

  1. 1 Amy

    Yes please! I feel like I’ve been cold for weeks. I’d wear mine ALL the time. Love it.

  2. ooooh awesome…just went for my first cross-country ski of the season this morning! xo e.

  3. pick me! I can’t run but I can … wear vests!

  4. 4 allyson

    Oooh! Me please. I likey.

  5. 5 Kate

    I’d love a running vest!

  6. 6 jo

    Cool! Could I get a pair of leg-warmers too?

  7. I totally want a vest. Do I count? You realize that this fleece has been places… Not quite new. The kids have slummed it in Sweden with these blankets – trains, hostels, busses, and camping by the ocean. Still, I think it would be great to wear over my beige wool banana republic sweater I use for running. I hope my name makes the hat…

  8. I love the vest and everyone who models your creations. Does that count? Seriously, it looks good and is a fun thing to do with old blankets. Could I have mine made from a new blankie? You don’t have to add this last bit as everyone will want that too.

  9. 9 Kate

    Nice vests. Yes please!

    What shall I send in return?

  10. 10 Beth

    I’d LOVE to have one of those running vests!!!

  11. 11 Aimee

    Pick me, pick me!
    I also think this should be like all other contests… family members are not eligible. :)

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