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I have been working on an everyday skirt.  Something to wear that isn’t jeans. AZ has to come home to take photos, because I would like to show off Draft 1 vs. Draft 2. For now, you get a shot of the sewing place, where I get to listen to CBC and my sweet lovelies […]

AZ came home from work one day with a super information sheet on how to make these (he works at a science centre).  I briefly looked at it, then lost it.  So, I am not sure if I did it right – but here it is: Cut a large hole in the side of the bottle (the […]

window garden


Spinach and mixed greens – we already have teeny sprouts.  Homegrown salad in February??  Hope so!

These photos were taken just before Christmas.  We made traditional Latvian buns for the festivities.  I seem to blog about these a lot.  I am starting to think I am neglecting my own Scottish and Norwegian heritage.  Though, I can’t say I am in any big rush to put together a Haggis.  Maybe it is […]

When I was about ten, I asked my uncle when his renovation would be finished.  His response was, “it will never be finished“.  I was completely dissatisfied with that answer.  How could you ever feel settled into something that wasn’t done?   Well, his house is a work of art.  Over twenty years, he has […]