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Despite the south facing window, my little salad bottles are starving for sun and warmth.  Particularly warmth.  We keep our house pretty cold, so I think we’ll stick with growing sprouts for now.  At least until I get sorted out for a proper hydroponics window farm.  Sorry to tempt you with that idea guys.  By […]

I am embarrassed to admit that my window garden bombed.  The plants bolted.  I am a seed-waster.  I have emailed AZ at work just now, asking him to dig up that how-to sheet (OK, OK, I will be a responsible information sharer). I will post about this again in a day or two. On a house beautification […]

this thing


This blogging thing.  I am not sure how much longer it’s going to last.  My days with the kids are different… more about pick-ups and drop-offs and fitting everything in.  We are evolving into an older family (gulp!).  And really, everything else we do you have seen before, so it seems kind of silly to […]