warmth and light, of course


Despite the south facing window, my little salad bottles are starving for sun and warmth.  Particularly warmth.  We keep our house pretty cold, so I think we’ll stick with growing sprouts for now.  At least until I get sorted out for a proper hydroponics window farm.  Sorry to tempt you with that idea guys.  By all means, give it a try over a radiator!

We are big on growing sprouts with the bioSnacky.  Purchased at Famous Foods about two years ago, it works like a charm…

Speaking of Famous Foods, the kids and I have this thing about playing YouTube clips while we’re getting organized in the morning.  And… guess what? My boyfriend Dan Mangan uses our beloved Famous Foods as the setting for his Sold video.  Sigh… it looks like I am going to have to keep grocery shopping in East Van.

And, while I am posting and rambling… here is a shot of the second draft of my everyday skirt.  It is made from bamboo denim, which is great, but it stretches out a little too much and looks a little rough by the end of the day.  I am considering a third draft with different fabric.  It’s pretty basic: a simple A-line skirt, with a tie waist.  I like to wear it with snow boots.

See? It looks like in could use an iron.  At least it goes with the snow boots.

Here is another YouTube gem: Grace Kelly by Mika.


3 Responses to “warmth and light, of course”

  1. 1 Amy

    You were wearing that skirt the other night! I noticed and it and was quietly jealous. It’s great. If you feel like passing on one of your “drafts” I would gladly, gladly take one.

  2. great skirt! will you accept custom orders???

  3. i promise i’d wear it with my snow-boots! :)

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